The essay is an experiment about the limits between vision and perception, a contemplation of the possibilities for dialogue between photography and its multi-faceted relationship with blindness and science. It is in the midst of these intersections of material inheritances and symbolic fields that these photographs and videos attempt to disrupt our way of seeing things, making room for the archetypes that people and things hold on a subconscious level, thus freeing the eyes to no longer be slaves to themselves.
For the three days that I was totally blind, I had the opportunity to experience an unbelievable difference between vision and perception. I found it significant to observe that when I touched people whom I have known for a long time, I was, at that moment, seeing details about and the significance of their bodies, something that my eyes had not perceived in so many years. I felt like the wind was dressing me as it touched my body, that the act of diving into the ocean was like being immersed in a woman’s womb, that each time I touched a stranger’s hand, it was like an encounter with the soul of the world. When I opened my eyes, I realized that we are all enfolded in the meaning we give to life: we use our vision to barely see, our tact to barely feel, our ears to pretend we don’t understand, and our sense of taste to forget to savor.
Vídeos –
Variable sizes
Printing of mineral ink on cotton paper