Just as the eye sees, but the viewer is the brain and a broad set of cultural, psychic, and genetic factors; In photography the machine is just a mechanism of technology for building an image. Comparing the means of photographic capture with the eye and the brain can expand our perception of reality, finding new parallels for the understanding of the functions between vision and perception, bringing to the debate the possibility of a dialogue between the photograph and its hybrid relation With blindness.
The essay is a partnership with Be Moraes and Josias Neto, blind photographers for more than five years.
I projected photographs of them on the wall, re-photographing them into the images they created. You can not recognize in the pictures the limit between their photograph and mine. The aim is to establish a dialogue on the black box theory of Vilém Flusser, creating new visual codes with what could be the concept of “Apparatus” in the hybridism between photography and blindness.
- Technical-Philosophical Information. Photos made by blind people.
1 – When they make a photograph, they usually ask for people close to them as the scene they want to shoot, so from this first story they imagine and make the photo.
2 – Then, when they are going to show the photograph on the computer, they also need someone to tell them what the image they invented is, in this second stage, they continue the process of imagining what they have created from different testimonies about photography made.
3 – In this third stage, they are being photographed by me in the photograph themselves, when they ask someone about how they are inside their own photographs, they will hear more stories to continue imagining what photography is, seeing, perceiving and The creation of the world in which each lives!
Variable sizes
Printing of mineral ink on cotton paper