The Magic Eye is an experiment on the boundaries between perception and vision, bringing a reflection on the possibility of a dialogue between photography and its hybrid relationship with blindness and science. It is among these intersections between material heritage and symbolic fields that images of Peephole sought desregrar the ways of seeing, opening up to the archetypes that people and things keep in the unconscious of events.
The images were taken during some months of the relationship with blinds photographers and are part of visual literacy project extension course photograph of College Senac University Center, also had the participation of teachers and course students. Another part of the project was to develop images with scientists from the Brain Institute of UFRN, which symbolically demonstrate how the brain transfers the vision for the skin, hearing and imagination when the eye can not see.
The Magic Eye project won Funarte Network Award for Visual Arts. a book was prepared with photos, texts and videos. To purchase the book please send a request to
Variable sizes
Mineral printing ink on cotton paper