The Paradigm of existence is a very simple question – What is the relationship of separation and union between the observer and the observed ? The art , science , religion, and no means of knowledge or relationships only exist because this doubt or experience is perpetuated in space, time and consciousness since the universe is the universe , and since photography is photography , or will the universe is just a picture in our minds and photography is the universe in each? One might think endless paradoxes that are proposed in these images . Who creates the image , the artist , the nature , the machine or the viewer who sees this now? How can the tide that lasted six hours in the landscape , which swallowed the artist, become six seconds of photographs that engulfed the tide perpetuating this moment in a sea of ​​thoughts within people ? As the work looks like a self -portrait , for me there was no picture , was just be wanting to recreate the language of life that one moment , who was watching from the beach was a performance for the machine was light , for the photographic language was a document to the art may be the possibility of reversing contemporary concepts in own speech . So let the ultimate question – Separation or unity among beings is only one point of view ?
Variable sizes
Printing ink mineral cotton paper